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It’s a wonder how high school freshman, Melvin Azhoul, can remain so compassionately optimistic after his recently deceased mother left him to be raised by his abusive grandmother in a town where he is hated by everyone.


Alwace High is full of student cliques bickering over petty differences. Melvin, only wanting everyone to get along, tries using empathy and logic to bring people together. They come together alright, briefly, only when they find mutual disdain for Melvin, the school stinky kid.


You’ll find no discrimination from the school bullies, though. For them, you’re either cool or you’re not. For Melvin, this is true diversity and hanging with the “cool kids” is a dream come true. If he was that cool, he could use his popularity to help end hatred amongst school cliques. But when the dork keeps smiling as the bullies try everything to break his spirit, escalation leads to his death.


Or does it?



A mysterious man watches Melvin as he frustrates the school bullies who are failing miserably to wipe the smirk off his face. Sheriff Ray Cist Hicks and Deputy Jeffrey Tard are shark fishing when a humanoid sea creature nearly capsizes their trawler before jumping through a portal.


What in the…?

EPISODE 1: The Dork Won't Break

The bullies are beating Melvin up for getting them in trouble when Melvin’s crush, Estelle Booger, jumps in and brutally defeats them with superhuman abilities. Sheriff Hicks arrives and chases the ultra-fast attacker into the forest where he witnesses the suspect vanish into a mysterious portal.


How will Ray explain this one?

EPISODE 2: Melvin's Heroes

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