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James Perkins is a natural born artist, gifted with raw talent in nearly every creative field. He knew early what he wanted to be and the one field to utilize his many talents remains obvious: Animation.

Unwavering determination converted his raw talent into undeniable skills focused on creating his own shows. Decades later, this comedian has developed hundreds of character voices, musical range in many genres, drawing skills and a passion for screenwriting with the discipline to meet deadlines.

James "Plainutz" Perkins

Plainutz Logo

Although success became complicated when becoming a father, he found increased motivation driven by new purpose. He would go on to start a career selling insurance, get back into stand up, publish his first comedy album "Plainutz - Unsalted", start a hip-hop group "KickUinDaTeef" and finally finish his animated short "Harold and Ethel"; hoping to fulfill his life dream of being on Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation.

He found success in every venture; record breaking sales, crowd-pleasing stand up, a well-received comedy album and a rap group with a rapidly growing fan base, consistently selling out shows. But for him, nothing compared to the feeling of when the entire theatre erupted in laughter as his cartoon played at Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation.

As KickUinDaTeef grew in popularity, so did the demand for his time. Though the group was about to blow, his decision to quit came easy. He would spend the next five years expanding his vocal range to produce two more comedy albums, showcasing musical performances in many genres and a variety of skits with many new characters.

Upon successfully pitching his comedy albums as a series to Pegbar Animation, he was tasked with writing a pilot for a children's cartoon. Highly impressed, CEO, Anthony Williams greenlit pitch production and named James Perkins "Head Writer" at Pegbar Animation Studios

"I'm driven by a purpose much greater than myself. I can't fail! Preparation complete, time to compete!"

- James Perkins

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