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Mix'd Nutz - 2017

The latest and greatest installment of Plainutz comedy is now here!


Only available at, you can listen to the entire new album for free! ...Or help me by buying it...


This album contains material that will be used to pitch as an adult animated series.


Every skit and every song will be animated and hopefully shown on a major network. With this material (combined with several screenplays currently in production) we will set our sites and aim for the skies!


Please beware, this material (as always) is not for the faint of heart. It is not intentionally aimed to offend but that is bound to happen with material so edgy.


No punches are ever pulled as no comedy should ever be limited!


Listen at your own risk! You have been warned so you don't get to bitch!



Want the one sheet for MIX'D NUTZ? We'll email it to you!

Thanks! We'll get that you ASAP.

Album Art


I Say What I Want
Evolution of Masturbation
Stop the Flow
Sick O' My Dick
Future Man
Lil Dick

‘I Say What I Want’

(Vocals Plainutz) (Backup vocals by TC a.k.a. Sean Currier)

Instrumental (One Way Street) leased from

Who gets to say what you can and cannot say? You?

Well I'm offended that you offended bitch!
Don't tell me what I shouldn't say
That I shouldn't make fun of the gays
And that I can't go and masturbate
On an old Jewish lady’s face, lookout!
I do what I want

Don’t tell me what I shouldn't say!
You can't joke about Muslim hate
But I think the Quran is fake
And what about Christian faith?
What if Jesus was a gay, huh?
I do what I want


I don't say what I always mean, backup
Shame on you thought police, fuck off
Don't take me so seriously, you cunt
I laugh at everything, when I'm drunk
Get up off of my ass yo
SJW Metro

You identify as an asshole
Grow and learn to take a joke
Look motherfucker get thicker skin
Hit the blunt and get ripped as shit
Keep calling yourself a feminist
But listen bitch you ain't reppin piss, Hooh!!
Turning me into a monster
What you think you a pollster?
Faggotty hip hippy hipster
So what if I'm fisting my sister, uh?

I do what I want
Don't tell me what I shouldn't say
Don't tell me what I shouldn't say 
That you can't make fun of rape
But dead baby jokes are okay?
Well I think fucking rape is grrrreat

I do what I

I do what I

I do what I want

Don’t tell me what I shouldn’t say, lookout huh!

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